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Linux System Engineer at mConnect Joanna TetÅ‚ak

Job Description

Job Summary

We are looking for a Senior Linux Test Engineer with more than 3 years experience in administrating Linux Systems.

Job Requirements

More than 3 years working with and administrating Linux systems
Experienced with embedded systems, automotive software
Proficient in debugging and troubleshooting both hardware, and Linux operating environment (embedded desirable), and complicated network problems, e.g., TCP/IP Networking (DNS, DHCP, VPN, firewall, routing, NAT, SMTP, FTP, etc.)
Experienced doing root cause analysis and create post-mortem report
Proficient with scripting and other programming languages
Comfortable working directly with clients.
Having project management and team management skill is a plus
Able to work at shift, outside, at fields
Able to Work at irregular shift
Experience embedded system, automotive software
Able to troubleshoot and find solutions to hardware, software and network problems

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